Photography 101: Finding Your Focus

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So far in our Photography 101 series, we’ve asked guest photographers to share their insights and tips on various elements of the craft, from light to composition. Today, meet Matthew George: the blogger at Photo Lord, a site that features and recognizes other photographers, and a passionate high school photography teacher. In this installment, Matthew introduces focus and the concepts of depth of field and aperture. 

Finding your focus — the basics

I provide some general guidelines to my students:

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Hugs and kisses.

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My loyal blog followers. Nothing compares to you. I know it’s hard finding time to check on me when we all have life commitments. It’s not an easy world we live in, but with a little dose of love here and there, we can all make the world a better place.

So I’m redesigning my life and my blog, and promise to always let my light shine through.

Sending hugs, flowers and kisses this early morning.



May y’all shine forever.


Creative Encounters: Conversations with Sarah Von Bargen

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The 8 Things to Look for in a Business Plan

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The 8 Things to Look for in a Business Plan

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The 8 Things to Look for in a Business PlanBuilding a business case

When we decided to go after investment for our company, we came to the point where we needed a business case. Business cases are generally no more than 10-15 pages of slides. We built our business case based on what Angel Investors and VC firms look for when they review a plan. Different firms have different requirements, although many are similar. After speaking with a wide range of investors, below is the summary of what these investors looked for in a business plan.

The 8 key items that investors look for in a business plan

  1. The Value Proposition: The big questions that the value proposition should answer is ‘Why you?’ Why should someone buy your product or service – is it better, faster, is it believable, unique, does it have a competitive advantage, and does it solve a big need or frustration?
  2. Industry and Competitive Analysis:…

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Love Isn’t Practical.

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4 Writing Resources for Content Marketers – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine

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4 Writing Resources for Content Marketers

via 4 Writing Resources for Content Marketers – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine.

Unclutter your life…be organized

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The Best BB Creams

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Wedding-day white teeth!

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