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The maintenance of extensions  and the styling of hair extensions including clip on extensions  are two factors that are surrounded by negative stereotypes. The freedom that you actually get with hair extensions is continually overlooked; you can do a lot more with them in your hair than is realised and the maintenance required isn’t some complex chore but more like how you would treat your natural hair.

Yaki – pure straight, usually mimicking the straightness of Asian hair. * European – this is more natural-looking straight hair that may have a slight wave to it * Deep Wave – while generally not a true ‘wave’, it can be made to look like spiral curls. * Loose Deep Wave or Romance Wave – looser version of the deep wave, softer curls. * Jheri Curl – usually sold in very short lengths, it is often used to recreate the full ‘afro’ look. * Wet and Wavy (Spanish Wave or Indian Wave) – usually human hair is used, and is either naturally curly or permanently waved to appear so.

There is only one aspect that comes to mind where hair extensions are involved and this is adding colour to your hair or having touch-ups done on your existing colour. As you may or may not be aware you are unable to place colour on your hair extensions due to the fact that they have already undergone an intense chemical process to get them to the colour that they are now so adding more colour to them would cause damage and has the potential to cause your extensions to fall out.

If your natural hair requires a touch up you should have this carried out before your extensions are placed in as doing this afterwards will become difficult and will leave your hair uneven as you wont be able to place any dye near to your extension bonds. It is highly important that you don’t get any chemicals in the bonds of your extensions unless you want them to fall out.

Ok so we have covered the colouring of your hair, now onto the styling. You are able to style your hair with extensions in the same way that you would style your natural hair. You are able to use appliances such as hair straighteners and curling tongs as long as your extensions are made from human hair; if your extensions are synthetic it is not advised to place heat on them but if they are human hair you can blow dry, straighten or curl, you can style them in anyway that you wish without causing damage as long as you don’t directly disturb the bonds.

If you’re natural hair is either permed or naturally curly you can still get hair extensions. This is because as well as coming in a wide range of colours your hair extensions are also available in a range of textures; you are able to buy your extensions already curled so that it is in keeping with your natural hair.

One of the main problems that can arise with your hair extensions is the fact that they can tangle easily. The easiest ways of stopping this from happening is by using a wide toothed comb to de-tangle your hair. Also it is a good idea to run a mild mousse/conditioner through it using your fingers. One more way of stopping it from tangling is by loosely tying it back when you are sleeping.

If you want your hair extensions to last you will have to treat them with respect. This involves a good aftercare routine as well as giving your extensions regular maintenance. This will ensure that both your natural hair and extensions are kept looking great.




ck one color cosmetics to Launch Spring 2012

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Absolutely stunning!

As you all know  I’m obsessed with the Oscars Red Carpet! And this year I’ll be doing things a little differently! I’m live-action blogging all of my favorite red carpet gowns/looks as they come in today so stay tuned 🙂

Best Dressed:

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab Couture stunning (this is going to be a hard look to beat!)

Emma Stone picture perfect in Giambattista Valli.

Gwyenth Paltrow sleek and simple in Tom Ford

Penelope in custom Armani Prive a classic look for a classic beauty

Michelle William never disappoints-looking absolutely regal in this red Louis Vuitton!

Louise Roe-love this classic silhouette, simple yet so chic!

I have a feeling this one is going to be a bit controversial but Mcqueen is always dramatic, always exquisite love that Jessica Chastain took a risk tonight!

Rooney Mara in Givenchy such a classic beauty with a twist.

Maya Rudolph in Johanna Johnson…

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Dolphin Tattoos?

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Getting a tattoo isn’t like picking out a new pair of shoes, for you’re choosing a piece of art that will be permanently etched into your skin. Think about that for a moment. You’d have to like a piece of artwork a great deal to have it permanently engraved on your body. That’s why I’m so fascinated with the idea of dolphin tattoos. Why would anyone choose to have one on his or her body? I think that part of the answer to that question lies in the very nature of the dolphin. Since ancient times, dating back to the height of the Egyptian empire, people (chiefly sailors and other seafarers) have been getting them added to their bodies, largely for symbolic meaning or just pure fascination.

The dolphin has always enjoyed a reputation as the friend of the seaman. Indeed, nautical folklore abounds with stories of them playing alongside sailing ships or frolicking with humans who were swimming in the ocean. There are even tales of them helping to save shipwrecked sailors who were in danger of drowning, or of them taking on sharks head-to-head in order to save their human friends from a terrible fate. Because of these and other stories, the dolphin is seen as a good luck talisman, a bearer of good tidings, a friend. If you look at pictures of them, their faces seem to smile benevolently back at you. While they are excellent hunters and can always catch plenty of fish, have you ever heard a story of one attacking a human being? Of course not. Because of their playful, fun-loving personalities, they symbolize a free-spirited enjoyment of life, the sea, and the natural world. Aside from being amusing natural clowns, humans have always sensed this animal’s innate intelligence, which some scientists and observers have speculated could rival human intelligence.

So if you think about it, the attraction of getting a depiction of one on your body is easy to understand. We humans have always identified with the strongest, most beautiful, most graceful, most intelligent animals, and the dolphin embodies all these qualities and more. It’s no wonder that so many modern citizens of every country in the world have adopted it as their own personal animal totem. When you identify with this creature, you are proclaiming your allegiance with one of nature’s most wondrous creatures, an animal that is beloved by adults and children alike. It’s no wonder that dolphin tattoos of every size and shape are among the most popular designs right now.

Just as there are many different species of animals out there in the natural world, there are also a wide variety of designs that represent many of the world’s views of these creatures. If you look through any artist’s book of samples, you’ll find dolphins of every shape, size and style. They are popular as ankle tattoos, lower back tattoos (this style is especially popular with women), on the back of the shoulder, bursting from the surf just above the shoulder blade, on the inside of the forearm, or just about anywhere else an artist can imagine.

Each culture that has access to the world’s seas has its own unique vision of the animal. There are Celtic interpretations, tribal interpretations, some of them derived from the Maori culture, which is the source of a great many art designs that are popular among the trendy set. Of course for the more light-hearted tattoo aficionado there are cartoon depictions that stress this sea-going mammal’s happy-go-lucky personality by showing them smiling broadly or waving a fin in greeting. The more future-minded wearer may get a sleek futuristic dolphin tattoos on his body in a style that emphasizes the animal’s streamlined shape with shiny metallic textures and gleaming highlights. The great thing about them is that they’re adaptable to almost every artistic style and form of personal expression.







































Search Engine Optimization (Series 1)

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Search Engine Optimization (Series 1).

Why Surfing Keeps You Young

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Love by design

It is a well-known fact that staying active helps keep you looking and feeling young. Not many activities come close to the effect surfing has on the mind, body and spirit. According to experienced surfers, the special bond the surfer has with their surf board and the open ocean is almost impossible to  explain.

Fresh Air

Fresh air does a body good! Surfers all over the world enjoy lots of cool, refreshing fresh air and sunshine. No matter if you’re surfing a remote location or something closer to the city, the ocean air smells fresh and clean. Out on the surf, there’s virtually no smog. When you are on the waves, it’s just you, the water and the fresh air.

Stress Free

Out in the swells, you can let your stress and every-day worries float away with the tide. Out there, it’s just you, the breeze, your board and the…

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Makeup in Tune with the Season

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Love by design

Did you know that you really should change your make-up with the seasons? It’s not a life or death situation, but it really does reflect on your appearance. Here’s a quick guide on how to do your make-up all year round.

Spring You aren’t still wearing the same old makeup colors that you wore last winter are you? Spring is here and there are some great new colors to check out. For eye shadow, pinks are popular, but you already know that don’t you. There are some great pinky purple and blue lavender to check out as well. Lighten up your eyes with these new shades.

There is a great new mascara from L’Oreal. One end fortifies and lengthens the lashes and the other end coats the lashes with lush color. And when they say that is makes your lashes 60% longer… it definitely works that way for me.


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