Exercising Safely During Your Pregnancy

March 1, 2012 § 3 Comments


Pregnant women are required to perform some kind of low bearing exercise during their pregnancy to ensure that their muscles are ready for the stresses of labor. If you exercised regularly prior to becoming pregnant, and are already in good shape, then you only need to maintain it. Check with your medical provider that the kind of exercise program you follow is safe for the baby and continue it as long as you can. Below are some general tips to keep in mind:

1. Change In Your Exercise Routine Is Necessary

Especially during the first and third trimesters, you will need to cut back on any heavy load bearing exercises such as weightlifting. You will need to switch to low impact exercises such as aqua-aerobics, yoga or pilates. Another option is to contact a qualified doctor or fitness trainer, preferably a fitness trainer that is experienced working with pregnant women.


2. Safe Pregnancy Exercises

– Yoga – Pilates – Aqua- Aerobics – Other exercises that strengthen the back – Stomach and abdominal exercises

3. Reduce Back Pain

Stretching can help to ease the pains that come with carrying the extra weight on your body, and the relaxation exercises will be invaluable when it comes to labor. Yoga is one exercise program that will give you an edge on labor, especially if you can master the breathing techniques. Swimming is also a perfect form of pregnancy exercise. You should avoid exercises that have as their intent muscular toning and building. When pregnant, it’s important that the body is kept at a good level of fitness, but it’s equally important not to undertake pregnancy exercise to an extreme.


4. Weight Management

Exercising while pregnant helps you manage your weight in two ways. First it enables you to burn more calories, this counters any tenancies to overeat while pregnant. Secondly it helps you get into the habit of exercising. If you start a regular exercise routine while you’re pregnant you’ll be able to continue it after you have your baby and easily drop your baby fat.

5. Mood Swings and Stress

Did you know that exercising in general helps to offset mood swings and alleviate stress? We all know mood swings are a common symptom of pregnancy… and pregnancy can definitely be stressful for some women. It’s been documented in many studies that woman (and men) who exercise regularly are in a better place emotionally and report less stress in their lives and low as opposed to people who do not exercise regularly.


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