Choosing A Wedding Dress

March 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

Asides from having a baby, getting married is surely the biggest and most significant moment of a woman’s life. Every woman dreams of the moment she meets Mr. Right, how her life with Mr. Right will be and also her wedding day. There are many, many factors involved with weddings. From the time of the year to get married, to registry offices, churches, traditional or custom ceremonies, reception do’s, catering services, guest invitations, travel arrangements, cake decoration, the all important rings, and finally and perhaps most important for the bride to be, the wedding dress.

Every girl has dreamed of how she may look in a wedding dress, and may not wish to deviate too far from her dream wedding dress, although sometimes finding the exact sort of dress can be a nightmare. For instance, many off the shelf wedding dresses may not be in the correct size or be fully alterable to the correct specifications, and wedding dresses which are custom made can be astronomical in cost.

Wedding dresses come in many forms. The truth be told, some are outright ghastly, some are big and fancy, whilst some are more conservative and sleek. If one thing is for certain, there are wedding dresses for everybody.

While planning a wedding, whilst the ‘dream wedding’ and ‘dream dress’ and so forth may be engrained in the mind of the bride to be, in reality there must be room for compromise and change – it is highly unlikely a wedding can be planned with unwavering and uncompromising ideals. Some people are lucky and find the ideal wedding dress they have always wanted, whilst others may struggle to find a wedding dress which suits them or they feel is right for them. It is absolutely essential to try wedding dresses on so you know exactly how you will look, so it is advisable not to buy from catalogues but from shops.

A good and highly recommended starting point however is to buy a few wedding magazines or brochures which specialise in dresses. This way you can flick through, find which dresses you like and cut out the pictures and take them along to many of the wedding dress shops to see if there is anything similar or the same you may be able to try on.

Shop around. Don’t be afraid of trying every single wedding dress shop in your city and beyond, but don’t be too uncompromising if possible, and planning your wedding and the hunt for your wedding dress will be much less of a stress.


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