The 8 Things to Look for in a Business Plan

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The 8 Things to Look for in a Business Plan

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The 8 Things to Look for in a Business PlanBuilding a business case

When we decided to go after investment for our company, we came to the point where we needed a business case. Business cases are generally no more than 10-15 pages of slides. We built our business case based on what Angel Investors and VC firms look for when they review a plan. Different firms have different requirements, although many are similar. After speaking with a wide range of investors, below is the summary of what these investors looked for in a business plan.

The 8 key items that investors look for in a business plan

  1. The Value Proposition: The big questions that the value proposition should answer is ‘Why you?’ Why should someone buy your product or service – is it better, faster, is it believable, unique, does it have a competitive advantage, and does it solve a big need or frustration?
  2. Industry and Competitive Analysis:…

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