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My loyal blog followers. Nothing compares to you. I know it’s hard finding time to check on me when we all have life commitments. It’s not an easy world we live in, but with a little dose of love here and there, we can all make the world a better place.

So I’m redesigning my life and my blog, and promise to always let my light shine through.

Sending hugs, flowers and kisses this early morning.



May y’all shine forever.


4 Writing Resources for Content Marketers – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine

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4 Writing Resources for Content Marketers

via 4 Writing Resources for Content Marketers – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine.

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brown wheat_n

Tasty wheat bread with subtle flavors of coffee and chocolate goes well with both savory and sweet accompaniments.

While the all-purpose flour stores in our pantry are diminishing, we still have an abundance of wheat flour. The exceptional wheat bread we made earlier this year was fabulous, but it is time and labor intensive. This weekend called for a loaf with more “auto-pilot” in the directions – and more of the work being done by our trusty Zojirushi bread machine. We found a well-reviewed recipe that included wheat flour. After sampling a slice of the finished product with butter and honey, we both agreed it was a delicious addition to our bread rotation.

Infused Wheat Bread


  • 1 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp coffee extract
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened Dutch processed cocoa…

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10 best exercises for 6 pack abs!

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You should see this before your next job interview…

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25 Home Based Jobs and Web Opportunities for Moms

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English: Freelance artist

English: Freelance artist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this hard economy, a lot of companies take advantage of hiring freelancers and online workers for their respective businesses.  This in turn has become an advantage to us, the house moms who want to earn a buck or two while not risking the quality of time we spend with our families.  Freelance jobs and web opportunities are no longer as scarce as before, and all you have to decide on is what kind of job you will venture on.

Here are some of the jobs and online opportunities that you can find over the internet:

  1. Tutors/Teachers – Put your motherly tutoring skills into work by applying to online tutoring jobs. From Basic Mathematics skills to Intermediate English Writing, it all depends on what you think you’re good at.
  2. Social Media Management and Marketing
  3. CAPTCHA Insanity

    CAPTCHA Insanity (Photo credit: JillOW)

    Data Encoding/Captcha – The salary for this job isn’t much as compared to the others, but it is one of the most flexible jobs in the internet.  If you want to earn a buck or two while the kids are sleeping, consider taking this job.  There are lots of Captcha Encoding sites to choose from, search the web for the ones that are known to be certified paying Captcha Encoding sites.

  4. Article Writing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Medical Transcriptionists – In this job, you have to transcribe reports that are recorded by physicians and other medical professionals into writing.  Take advantage of these if you have good hearing and precision to detail.  You don’t have to worry though, there are some who provide training first before they let you do the work.
  7. Order Processing
  8. Translator – Are you good in other languages like French, Spanish or Mandarin? Make a profit from your skills and get a translating job in the internet.  From voice recordings to article translation, you name it, the job is readily available on the net.
  9. Audio Transcription

10. Web Maintenance – Take advantage of this kind of work if you have a background in maintaining internet websites.  If you are that kind of mom that is knowledgeable in maintaining a website, this may become one of your most profitable sources of income.

11. Link-building

12. Tech Support – Computer savvy?  There are lots of companies that offer part time online tech support jobs that provide you with the flexibility of working 3-5 hours a day.  Some 24/7 companies even offer tech support positions at night, a perfect opportunity that you may wish to grab on too.

13. Answering Surveys

14. Call Center Representatives – there are basically three types of representatives in this field: Inbound (customer service), Outbound (sales) and Chat Support.

15. Copywriting – Some small businesses look up freelance copywriters in hopes of boosting their sales up a notch.  If you are good at making articles that promote a product, copywriting jobs are the ones for you.

16. Scriptwriting

17. PTC – Pay to click ads are easy to do: just go to a certified paying PTC site, register, and start clicking ads!  Like captcha encoding, however, this is not exactly as lucrative as the others, so if you are only looking for a couple of extra bucks every month, you may do this on the side.

18. Administrative jobs

19. Proofreading – There are many people, authors and students alike that look for people who can proofread their work.  If you like reading a lot, and wouldn’t mind correcting a couple of grammatical and spelling errors, apply for this kind of job.

20. Blogging – This is one of the most lucrative jobs on the net.  Talk about anything under the sun that strikes your fancy, although it’s always best to pick a certain genre to get a specific audience.

21. Franchise ownership

22. Voice Talent – Do you have a voice to brag? Get hired as a voice talent!  This is included in this list because it’s a freelance job that you can do any hour of the day, so long as it’s quiet and you have got a good microphone or headset.  Once you get hired as one, you only have to record your voice and send it to your client in an MP3 format.


Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

You Tube– Fond of making videos?  Consider becoming a you tube product critic.  It’s just like making blogs, but in video form.  A lot of bloggers venture into this kind of media, due to its popular use.

24. Email Response – Businessmen are “busy men”, and a lot of them need help in their daily activities. Email Response handling is one of these.  Answer their emails, do whatever they want you to do about the rest of it and get paid by the hour.

25. Virtual Assistance

Though it is true that there are lots of web opportunities that you can take advantage of, you must never forget to be wary of the scammers that pretend to offer work as well.  Remember, if the job asks for your credit card or wants you to pay for anything, it is most likely a scamming plot.  Do some research; know which freelance job sites are legit, and good luck in your future home-based occupation!

How to write persuasive copy that converts to sales

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Writing copy that converts to sales can be quite a challenge; especially, if you don’t know where or how to start. Because writing copy is as crucial as creating an impression and building a relationship with your audience and customers, it should be carefully thought of. It should be able to create a bridge between you and your target customers by making you and your products/services more interesting and acknowledged.

By writing copy that makes people want to know about you and the products or services that you offer, you are not just making your sales explode but also creating a presence in your industry. That’s why you need to know how to write copy that is remarkable, interesting and persuasive. And here are some simple tips that you can employ to make your copies convert to sales that shoot through the roof.


Your copy should be well-structured to be able to convert to sales. It should contain all the characteristics of a persuasive copy and demonstrate all the actions that you want the readers to carry out at the same time. Meaning, your copy should be both precise and enticing to make readers want to read your copy.


The first part of your copy is the headline. This should contain the introduction of what you want to say to your audience. Because you only have a few seconds to capture your audience before they close the page and forget about what you are about to offer, your headline should be short and sweet. To make things simple, it should contain the following characteristics.

  • Benefits – You should start your writing with something that will make your readers want to read on and to do that, you have to showcase the benefits of your product, service or article so that your prospect customers will want to read on and find out how they can have the benefits that you are talking about.
  • Right Words – You can also catch your audience’s attention by using catchy words like secrets, lies and success.  You should also figure out which words would work out well in your copy – whether intriguing or positive ones.
  • Specific Subject – Your copy’s headline should express a specific subject so that your readers will know what they are reading and make them more interested in your topic.


Your content is as important as your headline. If this part can’t explain your goal and keep your audience reading, you will not succeed in making a conversion like product sales, newsletter signups or webinar registrations. This part should also be as exciting as your headline and should further explain your product, service and intent.

If you want your readers to buy your products or sign up for your newsletter, this is the part where you tell them so. Explain to them why they have to sign up or purchase – which extends your explanation about the benefits that is stated in your headline.

Make every sentence engaging. You don’t also have to state everything in here. You can leave some things hanging so that you can have a chance to make your audience to ask questions.

  • Easy-to-Remember Facts/Tips & Bullet Points– Your content need not be long and boring. You can use easy to remember things to list down with the use of bullet points. Most readers won’t read your whole article and would just skim for important details so it’s great to write your content using bullet points rather than long paragraphs.
  • Statistics & Facts – Include researches and statistics to your content to make it more credible and interesting.
  • Surprises – Add surprises to your content like prizes and astounding trivia to let your article be remembered by your readers.


After you have explained your product or goal, this is the time to tell your readers more about the benefits they will be having by following your instructions; like purchasing or signing up. This is like a summary of the benefits you’re presenting, but making it seem more magical and persuasive so that the last thing that your audience will remember is having the need to do what you want them to do because they are getting something for it.

How to Become a Persuasive Writer


Persuasion (Photo credit: reihayashi)

Now that you know how to properly build a good copy structure, you should learn how to be more persuasive so that your readers will read past the headline and follow your objective.

Practice – If you really want to be more persuasive and make your readers do what you want them to do, you should practice often so that you will develop your skills and have the perception of what your readers want. By doing this, you will also develop your own writing voice that your readers will recognize.

Know Your Audience – Research about your target audience through tools that can be found on the Internet like social networking sites or webmaster tools. Know the things they like so that you can communicate well with them and be able to include most of the things they like on your offers and articles to make them more attached to your website or business.

Tell Stories – To make your audience connect with you more, tell stories about yourself that is related to your topic. Aside from making yourself more involved in your article, you are also making your readers more attached because it’s like they are just reading a story while learning new things and not reading a sales proposal.

Have a Clear Call to Action – Don’t let your objective be buried in your post because you are writing too much about helpful information and amazing benefits. You should clearly state what you want your audience to do. You can do this by highlighting your desired action while accompanying it with complementary benefits so that your readers won’t feel ordered and feel offered instead (the slight difference in conveying your message will go a long way).

Proofread – One of the tiniest and most embarrassing things that could crush your credibility is simple misspellings and grammatical errors so proofread and make sure that your copy doesn’t have any mistakes. You can do this by reading your piece aloud so that you know where you falter.

Deliver – This one’s quite important. Even if you have created a magnificent copy but couldn’t deliver your promise, your audience will get disappointed and would not come back to your site. So be sure that every promise that you mentioned in your copy would be delivered. Also, it’s better if you give off some surprises that will delight your readers to make them come back for more.

The best thing to do while creating a persuasive copy is to be polite, approachable and sincere in your offers. Don’t state the obvious to avoid insulting your readers but never assume that your readers know everything about your topic and provide helpful insights and tips to guide your audience so that they will eventually follow your cues and realize your objective.

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