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Anyone can customize his own website or blog account according to what he seems appealing to his eye. Although web designing has no strict rules—each design could work on one website but could turn out ineffective on another—there are still certain general principles a web designer could follow. Collis Ta’eed, a web designer and developer, proposed nine web designing principles that could help a web designer in his projects:

1. Precedence

Web designers must make the site balanced with elements varying in sizes according to their importance. For example, the logo must be big enough to catch the visitors’ attention because it gives your website an identity. You could systematically position the logo beside the menus you are aiming to be clicked by the visitors. With strategic positions, variety of colors (striking for the more important elements), appropriate contrasts in sizes, colors, and styles to let some elements stand out…

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DIY Mini-Site | Create Your Own Website | Money Making Mini-Site

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DIY Mini-Site | Create Your Own Website | Money Making Mini-Site.

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